DoScan.exe causes high CPU usage

You installed Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 10.0. After you restart the computer, you notice that the process DoScan.exe is using a large amount of CPU and memory. After the DoScan.exe process completes, the Rtvscan.exe process is using about 40 MB of memory.

Symantec is investigating this problem to determine a solution. This document will be updated when new information or a solution is available.

The DoScan.exe process is part of the default startup Quick Scan that runs after a user logs on. You cannot disable this Quick Scan using Symantec System Center.

You can prevent the creation of the startup Quick Scan on new Symantec AntiVirus clients by importing a registry file. Follow the directions that apply to your situation.

To remove the startup Quick Scan on Symantec AntiVirus clients
Stop any scans that are currently running, and then download and import the RemoveStartScan.reg file. To download the RemoveStartScan.reg file, click the following icon:

To prevent the creation of the startup Quick Scan before installing clients
Before installing or migrating managed clients, download and import the PreventStartScan.reg file to each client.

  • Using the RemoveStartScan.reg file on a Symantec AntiVirus client removes all user-created scans. Users must re-create any scans they created after importing the registry file.
  • Both of these files only work for the currently logged in user. On computers with more than one user, each user must log on and import the file(s).


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