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从微软MVP:Bernard Cheah先生那里得知微软发布了一款新工具,用来调试维修IIS,这为IIS管理员带来了惊喜和福音。

**Microsoft releases Debug Diagnostics 1.0 - Release Candidate 1**
Microsoft is working diligently on a new tool designed to make the life easier for IIS administrators and developers who are tasked with solving complex problems such as crashes, hangs, or memory leaks.  The tool, called Debug Diagnostics 1.0, is the next generation debugging utility that extends on the functionality of previous tools such as IIS Debug Toolkit 1.1, Debug Matrix, and IIS State.  This tool will be the only fully supported tool for debugging applications that run on IIS upon release and is supported on the IIS 4.0, 5.0, 5.1, and 6.0 platforms. 
To join the beta and provide invaluable feedback to the designers,
please do the following -
1. Go to
2. Login in with your passport id.
3. Login using the guest ID "DebugDiag" (it's case sensitive)
4. Click on the "IIS Debug Diagnostic Tool" link.
5. On the left hand side expand survey and select "IIS Debug Diagnostic Tool Nomination Form"
Note: if the customer only wants DebugDiag and doesn't want to sign up for the beta they can do this by selecting "Click here to download IIS Debug Diagnostic Tool" from the File Downloads section.
*You may be prompted to install an activeX control

This tool is also receiving full support via newsgroups which are available by doing the following -
To access WebNews newsgroups:
1. Connect to
3. For account name, enter "<Your Beta ID>"
4. Enter your Newsgroup Password (if you do not have a Newsgroup password - you can create it on BetaPlace by selecting Modify Your Info from the top navigation bar). Click OK.
5. Select the Program Name or particular newsgroup on the left pane to access.

To provide bug and customer feedback, please open bugs via the using your Microsoft Passport.  It would be incredibly powerful for us to get your feedback and make a true difference in your lives and Microsoft's.

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