Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 正式发布

[ 2007/06/12 12:39 | by gOxiA ]
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期待已久的 Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 已经正式发布,但还是很遗憾没有对Linux正式支持。不过从诸多的新特性和功能来看,VSRV2005R2SP1的改进还是不小的。


Hardware-assisted virtualization

Supports both Intel Virtualization Technology (Intel VT) and AMD Virtualization (AMD-V) hardware-assisted virtualization.

VHD Mount Command-line Tool and APIs

Provides the ability to mount a virtual hard disk file (.vhd file) as a virtual disk device on another operating system.

Support for Volume Shadow Copy Service

Allows back-up of Virtual Server and its running virtual machines without needing to install backup agents inside the guest operating system of the virtual machines.

Larger default size for dynamically expanding virtual hard disks

The default size for dynamically expanding virtual hard disks has been changed from 16 GB to 127 GB, making the VHD file format even more useful for enterprise production, test, and disaster-recovery workloads.

Support for greater than 64 virtual machines on x64-based hosts

Virtual Server can run more than 64 virtual machines on x64-based hosts. The 64 virtual machine limit remains when running on 32-bit hosts.

Host clustering step-by-step guide

Host clustering allows you to extend the high-availability benefits of clustering to non-cluster-aware applications and workloads.

Virtual SCSI fix for Linux guests

This fix resolves an issue some customers encountered when trying to install certain Linux distributions inside a virtual machine on the emulated SCSI bus.

VMRC ActiveX control and Internet Explorer Security Zones

The Virtual Machine Remote Control (VMRC) ActiveX control now uses the security zone information in Internet Explorer to determine whether to prompt you for your credentials when you load the control.

Service Publication using Active Directory Service Connection Points

Virtual Server service now publishes its binding information in Active Directory as a Service Connection Point (SCP) object.


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